lunes, marzo 09, 2009

Senado de la Nación

Senator #2: Will the Senator yield for a question?
Mr. Smith: I yield.
Senator #2: In view of the gentlemen's touching concern for the Senators and in view of the fact that he's been talking for seven and one-half hours and must be very, very tired, would he permit a motion to recess until the morning, at which time he may be better able to continue with his profound babblings?
Mr. Smith: Mr. President, what happens to me in the morning -- I mean about my having this floor to go on with my babblings?
Senate President: If the Senator permits this motion for recess, he won't have the floor in the morning to babble with or anything else, unless he's recognized first by this Chair.
Mr. Smith: Uh, uh...As I was saying gentlemen...I'm either dead right or I'm crazy. And I feel fine.
Senate President: Is the Senator yielding the floor?
Mr. Smith: Yield the...? Oh, no. I feel fine... "The Constitution of the United States". Page one, top left-hand corner: "We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union..."
Mr. Smith goes to Washington
guión de Lewis R. Foster y Sidney Buchman